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Create a Network that Works – Listen to Podcast on Team Guru


Create a Network that Works

Listen to the full podcast on Team Guru here – Team Guru Podcast.

Is your network working for you? Are they pushing relentlessly to ensure you become the very best you can be? Chances are they are not – but you’re not alone. In this age of social media, where ‘friends’ and ‘connections’ come easily, many of us have made the mistake of valuing quantity over quality. We have drifted off track in our approach to networking.

Janine Garner is an expert in developing purposeful relationships and she’s here to help you create your perfect network. She calls it your ‘Core Four’ – your personal board of advisors that will bring out the best in you.

Lessons Learned

Here’s what I took from the episode:

We have to debunk the networking myth about quantity – we must simplify the whole approach. Most of us are so busy that if we play the numbers game in networking we could easily become overwhelmed.

The Network of You

Networking is essential for business growth – building contacts and developing a sales funnel – but the missing piece of the puzzle until now has been the understanding that we must grow a network of people that is explicitly designed to help you achieve your dreams and goals.


Despite being more ‘connected’ than ever before – the number of people we are ‘friends’ with on social media – we seem to be more disconnected with each other than at any other time in history.

‘Our relentless connection to the digital world is driving isolation’

We say we’re connected – but it is very superficial. It’s transactional. Social media is a virtual business-card swap fest.

Key to Success

For every successful leader that Janine has ever met, the key to their success has been a small, tight-knit, powerful network where they are at the centre. The network is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. This is the tipping point between just coasting and enjoying true success.

Building a network it about transforming you and achieving personal growth.

There is a strategic element to building a network – but for it to be successful there must be a mutual exchange of value – knowledge, insight and intellect. It must go both ways.

A network is different to friendship – but often, through the exchange of value, friendships develop

Building a Network

1. Build a personal board of advisors, they’ll bring out the best in you

2. Ensure you have people who are smarter than you, know more than you – then you are building an intelligence bank that builds you over the long term

3. Find people who will champion you and your cause – then they become your marketing machine

Step 1 – get clear on what you want. Where do you want to be in 12 months – salary, the work you’re doing, state of your business

Step 2 – Identify what your strengths are (and what you are rubbish at). It’s through this process that you are able to identify your gaps

Step 3 – look at your existing network and ask yourself how much of it fits to your needs – is it diverse, cross-hierarchal and cross-functional.

The Core Four: Who You Need in Your Network

  1. Promoter – your personal champion. Help you think and dream big. They are out in front of you being your marketing machine because they believe in you (They will help you become more)
  2. Pit Crew – they will keep you on track and in the present. They understand you and they understand that building towards goals will bring good times and bad times. They stay by your side and help you stay on track. Your pit crew have your back (They will help you be more)
  3. Teachers – they are with you to give insight and to share their mastery. They are your key to continuous growth (They will help you know more)
  4. Butt Kickers – the people who will whip you into shape and hold you accountable – wielding the virtual whip (They will help you do more)

How Effective Is Your Network?

Assess your network – online diagnostic:



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