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Collaboration – the new force.

By April 3, 2012December 19th, 2016No Comments

I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop today on “Building an Export Marketing and PR plan” with my Script Marketing business partner and Little Black Dress Group founding member, Kirsten Basford.

This event was an example of collaboration at work – the power of combining and sharing knowledge, experience and intellect to the greater benefit of the entire group.

With sweeping views of Sydney Harbour as our backdrop, we presented to a room of eager, talented and goal driven young fashion designers and brand owners.  The event was broadcast by webinar to a similar group in Queensland.  And with a panel of experts from within the marketing, media and fashion industry, department store buyers and owners of brands that have achieved success here and internationally, the over-riding golden thread amongst all the speakers was one of willingly sharing insight to support the success of our rising stars.

The power of collaboration is incredible.   Working together to achieve a shared goal.  Co-operating to openly share knowledge and insight.  A recognition that together the individual parts can become a more powerful whole.

The shared goal from this event was success.

For me, it was a giving back of knowledge with the desire to help an emerging designer achieve success.

For attendees, it was the willingness to learn, to listen with intent, to question and to be open to acquiring new skills to achieve their dreams of success.

Whether within the structures of an organization or collaborating with people you respect and admire from within your own network, teams that work collaboratively obtain greater resources, greater momentum and greater reward.

Are you tapping in to the experts around you, creating your team of trusted advisers or are you going it alone?

Together the journey and achievement of the ultimate goal is much more engaging, fulfilling and fun.


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