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Choose Your Connections – Wisely

By December 23, 2015No Comments

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“So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun”
John Lennon

This is my last blog for a couple of weeks. Yep, I’m taking some time off to hang with my little tribe of amazingness, reconnect with loved ones and rejuvenate for what is rapidly becoming a new year of huge opportunity and incredible experiences.

Social media is already jam-packed with words of thanks and gratitude. 2015’s reflections are appearing continuously in our feeds as albums, photos and posts. In a matter of days we will be seeing vision boards and goals shared for the new beginning. Achievements are many. The impact of some is significant. And the influence that so many individuals are having on others is beyond inspiring.

It reminds me of this:

  • How an individual’s actions and words can enable others to be safe in the belief that they too can achieve their dreams.
  • How much power rests in each of us to influence, to create change and to drive momentum for each other as well as ourselves.
  • How the connections YOU create are the ones that decide your success and failure.
  • The power of community, of tribe, of connectedness, of togetherness.

I am so incredibly grateful for my friends, colleagues, supporters and advocates. The tribe of cheerleaders supporting me all the way, encouraging continued momentum and growth; the community of fearless and passionate women that make up the LBDGroup and their commitment to drive their own success as well as others; my inspired clients for all the great work delivered this year and for the work already committed for next. Most of all, I am grateful for my own very special little tribe of amazingness for their never-ending love and belief.

Like many of us, I reflect on the year that was and, in the words of Lennon, ‘what have I done’. It’s been a year of growth personally and professionally. There have been many firsts and ‘wow’ moments; ups and the downs; high fives of celebration and painful lows. Reflecting on my 2015 vision board and goals it’s empowering to place a big fat ‘completed’ tick against everything and be in a position to add so many other achievements. This is all thanks to my own circle of influence and the powerful connections that have enabled me to continuously evolve and transform.

As you rest up this holiday time and take stock, why not add to your ‘review list’ an assessment of how your every day actions and words are influencing others. Consider for a moment those that inspire you to become more and believe more. And become conscious of those that you, yourself, inspire – the ones who watch how you react and go about business; who listen to what you say and what you do. The ones who are checking that you are in fact walking the talk – the ones who choose to follow in your footsteps.

Individually, there is no doubt that we are all capable of creating significant ripples of change. However, it is proven time and again that when we surround ourselves with people who are aligned with our thinking, who recognise our passion and vision, who push us to achieve more – well, we all become capable of influencing more and creating magical moments of change.

As ‘another year is over and a new one has begun’ remember YOU are an amazing place to live. Don’t be afraid to be brilliant. Don’t be afraid to shine and follow your dreams of business and personal success.

But also remember this;

The connections you create are the ones that will decide your success and failure.

So choose them wisely and build a circle around you that allows you to transform and become so much more.

Have a wonderful holiday.   Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing you on the other side

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