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Celebrating Those Rockstar Moments

By October 2, 2012December 19th, 2016No Comments

In the last few weeks, two of our members received accolades for their successes as businesswomen;

Suzie HoitinkTelstra Businesswomens Awards, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Business Owner Award

Jessica GiampaoloCanberra Business Woman of the Year and her business, Energy Fitness named Most Outstanding Community Business of the Year

During dinners held this month, many members also shared their stories of success from winning new clients to job promotions, business expansion plans and new product launches.

Amongst the smiles of pride and encouragement and celebratory clinking of glasses I started thinking about how much there is to celebrate on a daily basis.  Equally, I question how often we take the time to acknowledge what has been accomplished.

We all know that goal setting is such an integral part of business but how often do we or are we allowed to celebrate along the way the achievement of those mini goals that lead to the big audacious goal at the end?

Are you allowing yourself and your team to celebrate?

Often we get caught in the day-to-day delivery of business plans and to do lists that the achievement of any goal comes and goes as we move on to the next big thing without any acknowledgement or appreciation of what has been achieved.

Taking time out to celebrate every success is an important part of the goal setting process.  No matter how big or small, I think celebrating your achievements builds confidence, makes it easier to keep moving forward and provides the encouragement to continue on the journey.

Celebrating doesn’t have to be a big deal, but we do have to start acknowledging our accomplishments on a more regular basis.

What mini goals have you kicked in the last month?


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