November 11

Ep 122 – Big Thinking, Big Vision, Big Plans With Sarah Pavillard


“If the fire is in you explore, experiment and find a way to follow it.”
Sarah Pavillard is a Weapons Engineer and the founder and CEO of ADROITA, a defence professional services, engineering and advisory firm.
She is obsessed with finding simple solutions inside complex problems, and helping businesses transform to meet their future needs. She seeks opportunities for businesses to collaborate with defence industry, and translates technical requirements into plain objectives for those businesses to take advantage of opportunities to secure their future.

Sarah now manages a fast-growing team within ADROITA of talented defence and industry professionals, all of whom are committed to the purpose of engineering success for sovereign capability. Sarah loves working with leaders to help them identify the true value of their capability and capacity, to harness opportunities to pivot into the defence supply chain, and in doing so futureproof their businesses.
In this podcast we chat about:
The importance of
– continuous learning and crafting of mastery
– Surrounding yourself with a team of mentors
-How team, their experience and smarts, are the key to navigating future challenges
– The significant changes impacting our world in the next few years.


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