March 7

Ep 105 – Millennial Leadership w: Felicity Furey, Award-winning Business Leader,Engineer


I first met Felicity when we were sharing a stage back in early 2019 – and I was immediately blown away by all she had achieved at such a young age, her passion for making the impossible possible and her drive to really make a difference.

Felicity is an award winning inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and engineer passionate about diversity. As a founder of two social enterprises, Felicity has shifted the perception of engineering with thousands of young people and companies.

She has been named as a Superstar of STEM, one of the Financial Review BOSS Magazine’s Young Executives of the Year in 2016 and named as one of Australia’s ‘100 Women of Influence’ at just 26 years old.

With a background in Civil Engineering, Felicity has delivered Australia’s mega infrastructure projects for over 10 years. Felicity applies the design principles learnt in her professional career to engineer a better society. By co-founding and leading companies Power of Engineering and Machinam, Felicity has increased diversity in the people who design our world – engineers and inspired thousands of students across Australia into engineering and mathematics.

In this podcast we discussed:
– Inventing as a child
– Building and scaling business
– Millennial leadership and the changes we need to drive future thinking.



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