December 10

Ep 098 – Ferocious Warmth Leadership w: Tracey Ezard


What if you were told that your own Ignorant Truths is getting in the way of progress?
What opportunities could exist if you owned your Ignorant Truth to collaborate, learn and connect more?
And how do you feel about the need for Ferocious Warmth is leadership?
Tracey Ezard is an author of two books, ‘The Buzz – Creating a Thriving and Collaborative Staff Learning Culture’ designed for education leaders to support schools to bring about transformation in the classroom and ‘Glue. The Stuff that Binds Us Together to do Extraordinary Work’ for leaders across all sectors who want to lift beyond convention to create high performing teams. She is currently working on her third book ‘Ferocious Warmth: Connecting Heads and Hearts to Transform Education’.
As a speaker, author, educator and mentor, Tracey helps teams thrive by focusing on building collaboration and learning.  Her Buzz Diagnostic has been used by over 400 schools and has had over 4000 educators participate. Tracey has run leadership programs for education and system leaders for over 15 years in all education sectors in a number of states and in New Zealand. She has presented in conferences on programs alongside educational global leaders such as Professors John Hattie, Michael Fullan, Carol Dweck and Lynn Sharrat, Maggie Farrar and Pasi Sahlberg.
She builds the capacity of leaders and staff to create an energy buzz about the work and alignment on the future plans. She helps leaders and staff co-create and collaborate – and most importantly, learn deeply with each other as they do so.
In this podcast we talked about:
–       The duality of leadership
–       The need for Ferocious Warmth amongst our leaders
–       Creating the space for learning and unlocking the brilliance of others
–       How our own assumptions, our Ignorant Truth, gets in the way.
Find out more about Tracey and her work at


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