October 22

Ep 092 – From Sydney to Miami – Building Your Dream Business w: Clint Salter


What happens when you align your lifelong passion with your business?
– You impact over 800,000 children EVERY week
– You are celebrated as a finalist in the NSW, Australia Export Awards
– You are a sought-after keynote speaker
– You are able to contribute more on a global scale
My latest guest, Clint Salter is an award winning entrepreneur, starting his first business at 16. By the age of 28, Clint founded and sold three companies along with being named the youngest Senior Celebrity Agent in Australia. And if that isn’t enough he is a sought after keynote speaker and best-selling author of 2 books.
Today, he is the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association. The largest community of Dance Studio Owners worldwide. With clients including the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe, Clint has helped over 32,000 dance studio owners to navigate growth and impact their local communities while being able to create a successful business and life.
Clint’s impact reaches over 800,000 children weekly through the work he does with his dance studio owner clients…the largest impact that any dance educator has within the industry. His impact was further celebrated in 2019 being named a finalist in the NSW Export Awards.
A firm believer in ‘giving back’, Clint also worked with World Teacher Aid to build a performing arts classroom in Africa.
As an educator and more importantly a learner, Clint knows the value of how the arts can transform the lives of children everywhere and can’t wait to bring the gift of education to children in need.
His advice:
– Be curious always about the world around you
– Never stop anything that makes you happy – live a truthful life
– Always allow your truth to bubble to the surface


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