September 29

Ep 089 – Rebuilding YOU with Mark Wales


Rebuilding YOU from Special Ops veteran to entrepreneur, speaker and Australian Survivor contestant – A conversation w/ Mark Wales

Imagine having to rethink and reinvent your career.
Imagine having to rebuild yourself, to face your demons and to start again.
Mark Wales did just that. For as long as he can remember he wanted to join the military and become one of the best. His 16-year career with the Australian Military and six-year career with Australian Special forces took him to the most remote of places overseas. As a Troop Commander in charge of 30 elite soldiers, Mark’s role was to lead combat missions deep behind enemy lines. At the end of his career, he had completed 10 tours of duty to Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Lebanon and the Solomon Islands.
Mark’s successful recovery and growth led him to embark on a high-profile career in business. He studied with the Wharton School of Business – before joining the elite consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York City. Mark was listed in Wharton’s prestigious 40 under 40 awards for business excellence.
From there he launched a business, started speaking around the world and became a contestant on the reality TV show, Australian Survivor.
In this episode Mark shares:
– His dream of joining the SAS and where that started
– His journey through combat
– His rebuild – coming out of the military and re-building himself


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