September 1

Ep 086 – Human Performance w: Tony Wilson


Ever wondered what the difference is between those that succeed at a high level and those that don’t?

My latest guest, Tony Wilson, has a passion for Human Performance and asked himself this question, determined to find the answer. He told me,

“The only thing that matters is putting in the work, but it has to be the right work.”

Originally a performance coach for elite athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia and the USA, Tony combines cutting edge performance science with contemporary management theory and the result? A unique slant on what is high performance and how to achieve it both in and out of the office.

Tony works with leaders around the world to help create the environment for their people to thrive and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity.

So many tips, tools and insights in this conversation that we can all take today to unlock our brilliance for tomorrow.

Listen in and enjoy

To contact Tony: [email protected]


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