January 21

Ep 063 – Stop workplace bullying w/ Jessica Hickman The Bullyologist


Half of all employees will experience workplace bullying during their careers

The cost to a business by having just a single bully in their midst can be astronomical. In Australia alone, these costs are to be up to $36 billion annually in Australia.

My latest guest, Jessica Hickman is a woman on a mission to eradicate toxic workplaces to build thriving workplaces.

Jessica herself was the victim of 3 years of mental bullying which saw 32 reports to upper management. Extensive harassment, mental and physical intimidation finally led to hospitalisation. Jessica has now turned a negative situation into positive learning and dedicates her work to preventing bullying in workplaces and schools.

If we are to unleash the brilliance in ourselves, each other, our team and our organisations we need to create the right environment for people to thrive.

Listen in as Jessica shares her learnings and insights and why anti-bullying training and effective workplace culture strategies aren’t just ‘nice to have’ – these days, they’re a financial survival necessity for every business.


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