April 17

Ep 023 – Conversations with Gabrielle Dolan


Gabrielle Dolan is is a global thought leader on authentic leadership and business story telling. She’s worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world, helping them to become better leaders ad communicators in the art of business storytelling. Gabrielle has worked with some of Austalia’s top 50 ASX companies including National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Telstra and ANZ.

She is a graduate of he Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education in both the art and practice of Leadership Development and Women and Power: Leadership in a New World. Gabrielle is also the best-selling author of Ignite: Real leadership, Real Talk, Real Results, Storytelling for Job Interviews and Stories For Work: The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling.

Yes – Gabrielle knows a thing or two about the power of stories in business.

Lots of learnings in this podcast including:

· Learning to be courageous, to be yourself in your way
· Ownership about what it is you need to be your best self
· Stories are everywhere and they build authenticity of you, your message and your ability to drive influence.

Grab a cuppa, download and listen in.


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