April 18

Are you on autopilot or purposefully building your dream?


It’s easy to fall into the trap of conformity without even noticing. I’ve been there myself. There were times in my corporate journey when I realised I was just doing what was expected of me and following the cookie-cutter approach to business. This may be an easy path, but it isn’t one that leads to success. 

To reach our full potential we need to embrace our true, flawed selves and lead from there. This is more important than ever, as people’s trust in businesses is declining year on year. The only way to cut through this is to be open and authentic so that customers can connect with the real you. 

I hope this episode will inspire you to reflect on your life and find the areas you are stuck on autopilot. Identify how this is holding you back from authenticity and determine what changes you can make to align your actions with your goals and values.

Until next time, keep shining bright!


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