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Be Fear LESS – Go On!

By August 17, 2016No Comments

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If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try – Seth Godin

Since returning from the UK I have been delivering keynotes to groups of corporate leaders and facilitated individual and group training and mentoring sessions – the consistent theme of the debate and discussion has centred around:

– how to remain relevant in an uncertain future
– how to be noticed in a sea of sameness
– being comfortable with the uncomfortableness of change and disruption.

The reality is that change is a constant and anyone thinking that this 21st century world of busyness and resource contraction is going to end some time soon needs to think again – and quickly.  But what hasn’t changed is the need to be noticed, to add value, to be wanted, to remain relevant.

The reality is that during times of change and uncertainty it’s ok to experience fear, trepidation and sometimes, we may even experience excitement at the possibility of what could be.  It’s what you do next that truly counts.  It’s the actions you take that set you apart.

Life is about facing the fear head on, about pushing through the trepidation, about owning YOUR journey, embracing the excitement of the possibility of what could be and quite simply FEARING LESS and going for it.

There is no doubt that life is a roller coaster of zigging and zagging through choices and decisions.  There is no doubt that all of us experience the highs and lows of life and there is no doubt that at times you will blame others for not achieving your dreams and goals.

But tomorrow requires you to dig deep, to decide not just what you WANT TO DO, but WHO you want to BECOME.

In a world of mass, of sameness, of superficial connections each and every single one of you is unique and the world needs YOU.  The world needs YOU to make a dent, to leave your mark, to lead in your way, to create the legacy of YOU.  And to do this you need to be:


FEAR LESS about conforming and doing what everyone else wants you to do – the life that for whatever reason we all think is laid out for us to follow – go to school, go to university, get that job, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have kids, get promoted, they have kids, retire, enjoy and then we die! Really? Is that it? When all around is changing it’s more important than ever to own your vision and your dreams, to embrace leadership of self and the leader you want to be.  It’s about walking the talk and going for it.  The world needs the uniqueness of you to challenge, to innovate, to drive change.

FEAR LESS about standing in your spotlight and shining, about having an opinion.  Speak up.  Yes people may disagree, argue with you, may even say things behind your back – but don’t worry. Who has the right to say that X person is better over Y?  Don’t compare yourself to others because what you believe and what you SAY matters.  Stand solidly in the space of you and remember that in fact the difference of opinion is exactly what drives change.

FEAR LESS about not having all the answers, of not being right, of having to ask for help. Embrace a life of constant curiosity, of questioning, of learning from the masters, from each other, from everyday people.  Find your personal network to support your growth because together we are smarter and together we can find the answers.

FEAR LESS about believing in and being YOU.

Fear LESS about following your dreams.

Fear LESS about owning YOUR choices.

Fear LESS about becoming the WHO you want to become.

Fear LESS about what lies past the unknown and go for it.

Know that the feelings of fear, trepidation and excitement are absolutely normal.

But remember its up to you to either choose to listen to these feelings and put a full stop on following your dreams or

to Fear LESS and to push through.

Because when you own the what you want to become and the who you want to be – well then you have the chance to become EVERYTHING you dream of.

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