February 28

Why Embracing Your Brilliance is Key to Serving Others with Kelly Slessor


If you’re a woman in business, there’s no doubt you’ll have faced some unfair challenges when seeking investment from others. And the stats don’t lie: women, particularly those of colour, are the lowest common denominator when it comes to securing funding to grow their business.

So how do disadvantaged women or those in underrepresented groups rise up in business? Our guest today is passionate about finding the solution to just that, and is unleashing her own brilliance in her field of expertise to make a meaningful impact in serving others.

Kelly Slessor has mastered the digital landscape for over the last two decades, and was recently crowned a Woman to Watch in Retail Disruption. She’s all about crafting what it is that she knows, embodying that spirit of your own brilliance and using those skills to uplift others.

Join me today as we hear all about Kelly’s incredible passion to support underrepresented minority groups in the e-commerce space, and the lessons she’s learnt on her journey towards uplifting others in business.


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