January 17

Why Confidence Rocks: Mastering Success with Erika Cramer


Do you find yourself lacking confidence in not only your personal life, but your career? As women, we struggle to stand up, speak up or show up in the world in full. We hold ourselves back and play small, often due to the messaging we receive throughout our upbringing and culture.

Today I’m joined by Erika Cramer, the Queen of Confidence herself, who believes that if more women were out there running companies and countries,  we would see so many more amazing changes in the world. So how do we get out of our own way? Erika’s beliefs around overcoming fear and self-doubt could be summarised in these three words: do it scared.

As a renowned speaker, author and coach who empowers women to break free from self-doubt, Erika knows firsthand what it is to begin life with a negative self-image. Suffering trauma throughout her childhood while in the American foster system, she quickly developed a view of herself as bad or wrong. However, a series of painful events in her twenties caused a life-changing awakening in her mindset and life purpose.

In our conversation, we explore the cost of lacking confidence, from missed opportunities to compromised dreams and toxic relationships. Erika emphasises the pivotal role of self-trust and self-belief in initiating meaningful change.

She introduces the concept of using fear as a fuel for growth. Rather than succumbing to fear by running or standing still, she encourages reframing it as a clue that we’re on the right path.

So, if you’re struggling to live a life of confidence, it may be time to step out, embrace fear and make it work for your success. It’s your best chance to live out your dreams and enjoy the beauty of unwavering self-trust.


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