September 4

Who are your eagles helping you fly higher?



Last term I was helping my son, Carter, with some research for a school project on eagles and we discovered that eagles actually love a storm.

Apparently, when clouds gather, eagles get excited.  They use the raging storm winds to lift and fly higher, giving them an opportunity to glide and rest their wings.

In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees – some loudly chirping at the impending storm; others staying quiet, hiding, protecting themselves, staying safe.

And this got me thinking about what we do when a proverbial storm hits at work or at home. 

Do we calmly rise above the storm with fellow eagles, gliding and navigating through the various challenges with the ultimate aim of reaching the desired end goal? Or do we bunker down alone and attempt to work out problems in isolation?  Or do we choose to hide as a collective in the proverbial branches, chittering and chattering about all the issues, creating dramas, debating options but not really moving anywhere as we wait for the storm to pass and handover decision making to others?

Life and work isn’t all champagne and unicorns (as much as I wish it was).  In reality, there are moments when the shit hits the fan and this is when you have to pull on your network for support, guidance and encouragement. This is when you need to reach out and explore options, get curious about answers, decide and take action.

Thinking about the people you know – who are the eagles in your world?  

Who are the people that will carefully help you ride that storm to ultimately fly above it and move forward?

Who are the eagles around you?  Choose to surround yourself with eagles because together you can fly so much higher than you would ever achieve alone.


Do you have the right people in your network?  Download this complimentary PDF explaining the Critical 4 key people you need to know.  


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