October 12

Who are you NOT to be brilliant?



We all have to get better at being ourselves – we need you to be brilliant.

Think about it:

Without people being who they truly are, being their brilliant selves, we’ll never create the true heart and soul, the belonging that’s needed to turn the challenges of our present into the successes of our future.

When we reconnect and reclaim who we are in the entirety of our lived experience, imperfections and strengths, and when we stop faking it till we make it we’ll be in a position to unleash our individual brilliance, and at the same time unleash the brilliance in others.

So, the solution here is to start by looking at who.

In 2009, Simon Sinek published his first book, Start with Why and the infamous Golden Circle framework for his approach to leadership—that ‘people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it’.

While Sinek was undoubtedly correct in identifying a starting point for why you’re doing something, this thinking has created a tsunami of significant unrest and anxiety as people and organisations try to find their purpose in life.

I believe there are other, more critical questions that needs to be asked first:

Who are you?
Who are you being?
Who do you want to become?


Understanding why on its own will never work.

The who we are and who we want to become and the why we’re doing what we’re doing must align, otherwise there will always be a point of tension and conflict.

What if we could remove the shackles we’re placing on ourselves and instead know that we have all we need right now? That we have all the skill and capability that’s needed to contribute and influence; that our opinion matters; that the culmination of all the facets of ourselves—the strengths, the weaknesses, the successes, the failures, the loves and the imperfections—are our perfectly imperfect and brilliant selves.

We just need to tap into it! Embrace it!

You have all that you need to be brilliant.

To meet all of your challenges and demands head-on, right now.

It starts with you.

Who are you NOT to be brilliant?

Only when we take ownership of who we are, who we want to be and who we want to become, only when we accept all of our imperfections and rise above our limitations, only when we unleash our own inner brilliance can we truly create the space for others to do the same.

Brilliance is infectious.

So, once again:

Who are you NOT to be brilliant?

Until next week.




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