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Watch Out Dream Stealers Ahead

By June 22, 2016No Comments

JG_Blog_-_(800x800)[with_text]_copyDream stealers are the antithesis of change and momentum, of networking to mutual benefit, of keeping you on your unique path and helping you move towards your personal dream of success — and they are everywhere, so beware.

Spotted at the water filter, in the office canteen, sat next to you, even at home. They are friends, colleagues — even family members. And whilst some of these dream stealers genuinely want to protect you and really do think they have your best intentions at heart they will subtly put doubt in your mind. They will erode your confidence in your own abilities.

Dream stealers are the sappers of positivity. The drainers. The ones that don’t necessarily add constructive thoughts to your vision and dreams for you. They may not understand the journey you are on – and whilst that is ok, instead of providing support and encouragement to “go for it because I know you can do it” their commentary keeps you small and feeds the self-doubt. It activates that really annoying niggly inside voice to convince you ‘you can’t’, ‘it won’t work’, ‘it isn’t safe’ … and repeat, repeat, repeat.

What does it mean for you?

You stay where you are.

You stay small.

Your dreams are quashed.

Your ambition is wrapped in bubble wrap, placed smack bang in the middle of a ‘may get round to one day’ box and locked away with no access to the key.

Sounds to me like this is a one way ticket to a life of “could ‘a, should ‘a, would ‘a”

But you can put a stop to this incessant noise that drowns out dreams, thoughts and belief. Take ownership and control of the key people in your personal circle of influence – at the end of the day it’s up to you to choose.

Choose to play their game by their rules OR play your own game in the way you want.

Choose to live the life others want for you OR live the life you want.

Choose to take on others emotions, fears and insecurities OR take control of your own energy, mindset and momentum.

Choose to listen and believe their story OR choose to walk away and ignore.

Become aware of the impact commentary is having on you and curious about the intent. If it feeds self-doubt, eats away at your confidence, encourages resistance and keeps you small then the Dream Stealers are in action and it’s up to you to walk away. Instead seek out those people that will dream with you and offer constructive advice, input, thought and insight. Those that want to help and support you, that keep you on your personal journey ensuring you are moving forward in the right direction — in your direction.

Find those that see possibility in impossibility. Those that can see the zig when others are zagging. Those that see the opportunity that sits on the edge of uniqueness, of doing things differently.

Go on dream big and go for it.

Because you know you can.

Go on – be brave and get rid of the Dream Stealers. Find a diverse network of promoters, believers, teachers and supporters that will add value to your thinking, your business and your dreams because, at the end of the day they believe in you too.

And surely this is better than a life of negativity and regret.

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