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Warning: cases of Blame-itis on the rise

By January 19, 2016No Comments

It wasn’t me – it was him/her…
I tried but they wouldn’t let me…
It’s too hard to do that…
I didn’t make it because (insert relevant excuse) got in the way
Sorry I missed that email it must have got lost in the Internet ether
Etc. Etc.

2016 is well and truly here and if you are anything like me you will have spent the holiday period thinking through the year that was and cementing those exciting plans and goals for Year Now.

The question is: during that review did you take time to identify what didn’t work, what wasn’t achieved and why? Did you honestly take ownership of the misses and even take it one step further to determine your learnings, what you didn’t do and what you can do differently next time? Or are you in fact suffering from a case of ‘Blame-itis’?

It’s incredible how many people these days suffer from said affliction – the need to blame others, to work through an endless excuses list and believing that ‘the dog ate my homework’ will actually keep them off the hook. At it worst ‘Blame-itis’ evolves and becomes the affliction of finding reasons as to why others achieved and you didn’t. You know the ones – “Well, they’ve got the time, the contacts, the thousands of followers, the money, the support crew, the experience, the resources.  Or even – they don’t have (insert whatever you have that you feel is getting in the way).  The list goes on.

The topline is this: Blame-itis is not accepting responsibility for any of your actions, not being accountable for your own behaviours, making excuses and not accepting that maybe, just maybe, you did play a critical part in things not quite going to plan. That actually it isn’t anyone else’s fault that you didn’t achieve your goals last year – it’s yours.

Ownership, accountability and self-awareness are a critical part of achieving your goals. Granted we all have different baggage, backgrounds, financial situations, and stuff going on. But if you want it enough, if you are hungry enough and if you take control of owning your role in writing your story, creating your dreams – then action will happen.

The results of Blame-itis are evident – ineffectiveness, status quo, and inaction.

Whether things go to plan or not – own the role you have to play and hold yourself accountable for your success, whatever that may be, because this will absolutely create action towards achieving your goals. Ownership and accountability drive exponential momentum.

Own your dreams, your goals, your behavior, the actions you take.

Own the tribe you choose to work with, the projects you choose to navigate and deliver.

Own the essential contacts that will absolutely transform you and accelerate your journey to success.

Own the highs and the lows, the results and the failures.

Own the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.

Own your success and kick Blame-itis well and truly in the butt this year.

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If you are already suffering from a case of Blame-itis – or want to ensure you don’t catch said affliction this year let’s work together. If you are interested in finding out about my Private Mentoring program email [email protected]


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