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The Web Of You

By August 26, 2015December 19th, 2016No Comments


There are only tiny degrees of separation existing between each of us and amazing opportunities – if we would only open our eyes, explore, audit, and above all leverage what is already right there, just at the end of our fingertips.

In the case of your individual, unique and powerful network, it is definitely closer than you may think.

As Shannon L Halder writes:

…when you invite people to share in your miracle, you create future allies during rough weather.

Those few who already understand, and actively embrace, the power of their personal network, benefit immensely. We all know them; those uber-connected individuals who seem able to weave their web of influence, introductions and business collaborations with very little effort. They are everywhere that is important and influential, and nowhere that is not. We sigh and question just how they do it, rather than allowing ourselves the answer.

It’s because they see networking as disruption and innovation, not dreariness and institutionalisation.

So many of us avoid networking because it is seen as exactly that – a part of work. For some, networking is not always enjoyable, and there is a reason for that – it’s in the events they choose to attend, that have little relevance or value. It is outright avoided by others, and, for the vast majority, when we do network, we network within the slight stretch of our immediate circle, tapping in to like-minded networks of same. This is OK on some levels, but it does have limitations. It can promote antigrowth, anti-difference of opinion and it also breeds laziness and limits potential.

Building your own effective web of influence and connection requires you to step out of your comfort zone, strategically expand your circle of influence, diversify your connections, and explore other people, businesses and experiences.  You must consciously consider who else you need to learn from, add value to, engage and collaborate with to become a truly Connected You.

Successful networking is about understanding the connections you should be making, as opposed to those you are making.

It’s about asking who you need to surround yourself with to inspire you, grow you, stretch you and push you further than you could ever go yourself.

It’s also about the management of those networks and giving value to them, rather than the take.

It is about what your networks look like and who they consist of, in the context of your personal and professional networks, and how they relate to each other at that optimal nexus point.

[inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]The web of you builds positioning and influence.[/inlinetweet] With that comes personal responsibility, which means:

  • be an example to those in your network;
  • model the behaviour you seek in return;
  • give knowledge unconditionally;
  • open doors willingly, and;
  • share insight to drive continued growth and success for others.

Networking ultimately shouldn’t mean hard work, or boredom, or dullness. It should mean for you an ability to attract and engage others, and success –  because of who you are, your dreams and ultimately, your actions towards those within that network.


Because at the end of the day, the best potential of me?

Lies within we.

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