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The power of small daily habits


The power of small daily habitsLet’s do a quick exercise: 

I want you to think about the small habits you do daily.

Why does it matter, you ask?

Well, it’s because those small habits are what will determine if you can make the big vision you have for your business a reality.

I remember talking about this with Sarah Pavillard, the CEO of Adroita.

When I asked her about a book that she would always recommend, the book she mentioned is  Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

The key idea of this book is this:

Your daily habits play a key role in your overall success and happiness.

Sarah said that in the book, Gretchen did a bit of an experiment. She implemented a new habit in her life every month, like eating healthier, meditation, or going on a new exercise.

Then, Gretchen tried to measure the impact it had on her life – specifically her happiness.

While Sarah and I were talking about the book, I realised something:

It’s not the big things that really make an impact on your life. It’s all in the small yet consistent things.

So, if you’re struggling to reach the big vision that you have for your business…

Take a look at your daily habits.

What do you do when you wake up?

How do you keep yourself healthy?

What are your work habits?

It’s important to look at the seemingly trivial things that you do every day. 

Sometimes, even simple changes to your daily habits can bring a huge impact on your life and business.

For instance, creating a to-do list every day could help you be more productive.

And giving yourself daily affirmations will give you a positive boost each day.

Perhaps walking every afternoon can clear your mind from the stresses you experience at work.

These are seemingly trivial changes you can do. 

But if you consistently work on these habits, you’ll see an improvement in your life and business.

Now, it won’t be an immediate change.

But it’ll be a gradual change that’ll help you get closer to your big vision.

And if you’re looking for a big improvement in your life, let’s talk.

I invite you to book a Call to Clarity with me today.


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Referrals are not a Strategy
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