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By November 27, 2012November 12th, 2021No Comments

The Little Black Dress Group is in a way, my baby; it is something I have dreamed of for years – to have a sustainable and satisfying business and social network for women of all industries, ages and professions. A ‘not so old’ girls’ club if you will. And part of being in that club is playing my own part in giving back as much of my own knowledge and expertise as I can.

So – my blog was born. I hope that within its articles you find information and advice that helps you not only in your business life, but in your everyday life as well – because balancing the two is hard, and we all need a helping hand sometimes.

I know I receive it from every member of LBD.

I look forward to any feedback you care to give me. Please e-mail me at [email protected] or feel free to leave a comment on any of my blog posts. And of course, read my blog – you can link straight to it here, or go to the dropdown menu under Janine’s Words of Wisdom.

LBDG is a team. We are all capable of greatness – we need to ensure we help each other achieve it.

Women do.

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