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Strength In Numbers

By August 4, 2014December 19th, 2016No Comments

strength of teamThe strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

– Phil Jackson

This is an extremely personal blog post, because this week is the culmination of twelve months’ worth of extremely hard personal work. On Thursday I am taking part in Matt Church’s Thoughtleaders Showcase, which is something that is stretching my courage beyond anything I have ever done before. It will also be the public unveiling of my book (in a sneak preview form!) and again, this is something that makes the nervous energy increase go just that little bit bonkers.

The last year has meant phenomenally hard work, sacrifices and not a few tears. It’s meant frustrations and challenges.

It has also meant laughter – a lot of laughter – and above all, it has shown me what an amazing team I have around me; not just professionally, but personally, and reinforced to me what the true spirit of collaboration means.

The reason I formed the LBDGroup in the first place was because I wanted to bring to life a truly collaborative atmosphere for women of worth in the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres. Time and again this has come back to me, but no more so than in the last twelve months. The assistance that I have received from every member of the group, with both preparations for Showcase and with research for the book, has been immeasurable.

My gorgeous husband and my three funny, naughty, intelligent, fearless children have put up with a year’s worth of preoccupation, ‘not now, Mummy’s working’, mindless repetition of my presentation in the bathroom at very strange hours and weird questions to my husband about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (don’t ask) and my excitement about LEGO working with NASA, not to mention practising my Showcase jokes on him.

Then there’s the people behind the scenes at Team LBDG and Janine Garner. We’re not a big group, but we are incredibly close-knit. There’s a reason I call them ‘Team Rockstar’ – it’s because they are. The way that everyone is willing to step up and do whatever is necessary, irrespective of what it may be, is both humbling and inspiring. They have spurred me on at times when quite frankly, all I have wanted to do is dissolve in a puddle of tears, grab a bottle of something cheap and nasty and forget all about my goals.

I am extraordinary blessed in the people around me, and this is what I take forward with me on Thursday.

I know they are the reason that whatever happens in the next twelve months, I have the benefit of big thinkers, bright minds, generous spirits, and great hearts backing my every move.

Having these people around me?

Already I have achieved more than many will in a lifetime.

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