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Ep 115 – Design the life you want with Melissa Browne

Melissa Browne is an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor & ex-working till she drops. Nowadays she’s a best-selling author, financial educator, business strategist & mentor and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women particularly also live a life by design not default.
In this episode we talk about:

✅ The risk that cultivating busyness has on achieving our potential
✅ How understanding and owning your story creates the freedom for growth
✅ The 4 x money types and how to create the right habit that works for you
✅ The result of Melissa asking herself – what would I do if fear wasn’t in the way?

Mel is the author of three books: the illustrated business book More Money for Shoes, the coffee table book of financial fairy tales, Fabulous but Broke and the global best- seller Unf*ck your finances. Her current book, Budgets Don’t Work (but this does) dives further into understanding your Money Story, Money Environment and Money Type and developing great financial habits that work for your unique Financial Phenotype.

Mel is CEO of the financial education business for
women who want to financially grow up,, Director of
Business at the long-day Early Learning Communities, Thinkers,inq and up until
she sold the business for seven figures in 2019, she was CEO of the
award-winning accounting and advisory firm A&TA (Accounting & Taxation
Advantage). Three very different businesses that all are pushing the boundaries
in their fields, questioning what is possible and disrupting their industry in
order to create the best possible results for their communities.

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