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Ep 106 – Mastering the muscle of humanity w: Kiri-Maree Moore

Imagine Sir Richard Branson tapping you on the arm, looking you in the eye and telling you, ‘I see you’!

Well that’s exactly what happened to Kiri-Maree Moore

Kiri-Maree is on a mission.  She challenges all of us to master the muscle of humanity and human intelligence, to put humanity at the centre of decision making.  Only then does she believe that we will truly be able to close the gap from problem to solution as we unlock the unlimited potential and possibility that exists within all of us.

Kiri-Maree is a global influencer, innovator and future thinker. She partners with world leaders from leading companies, successful entrepreneurs, cutting edge innovators and global movements.

But as she shares in this podcast – her life has been one of extremes. From a traumatic childhood and teen life to now leaving a legacy as a nomadic CEO, a wife, a mama of 6 and a Gigi to three grandkids.  These extremes have given Kiri-Maree a unique perspective and super power; an ability to disrupt patterns and turn ‘It’s impossible’ into ‘what if we could!’

So much to love in this conversation.  I left feeling inspired, motivated and fuelled up to commit to being part of the change.  I hope you do too.

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