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Ep 104 – The truth about confidence and what it really takes w: Erika Cramer, Queen of Confidence

My favourite quote from this podcast is, ‘Perfection erodes connection.’
How often has this got in the way of your confidence, of your self-belief, of your courage to step up and unleash your brilliance?
Erika is an international confidence coach and popular 5 star podcast host.
Described as ‘The Cardi B of the personal development world’, Erika is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker, with a large dose of heart and humour. After surviving many traumatic experiences, from childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster care system, car accidents and a whole lot of loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph; to transform self-doubt into brilliance.
So many gems in this episode including conversations around:
–       How the pressure we put on ourselves is a killer of confidence

–       The need to give the inner voice the airtime it needs – because your life is already telling you about the work you need to do to change things up

–       Why we need to constantly question who we are

–       The best ROI is always the investment you make in yourself

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