December 12

The Village of You


“It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” – African Proverb

We have all heard that it takes more than one individual to make a child into a well-rounded adult. It takes varied influences and different skill sets, attitudes and ways of looking at the world – sometimes it takes a lot more discipline than those closest to the child may be willing to impart.

And the same goes for each of us.

Sometimes, we don’t necessarily give ourselves as much as we should when it comes to being nurtured as adults – both business wise and personally.

As we come to the end of one year and start thinking about stepping in to a new one, now is the perfect time to sweep out the mental cobwebs, and do an audit on the who’s who in our own village.

Are we actually allowing ourselves to be raised in the best possible way, or are we becoming unbalanced, unhappy and as a result falling down with bad business practice and bad advice?

Personally I have four key areas that I look at to make sure that I am taking very good care of my own little village – my ‘tribe’, if you will.

First and foremost are my family.
They provide my daily dose of sanity (well, sort of sanity – perhaps reality is a better word?) – but they are my heart’s blood. They feed my soul and strengthen me in a way no outsider, no matter how close, no matter how much I care for them, ever could. They give me my happiness. They are the area of my life which I will never compromise on – no matter what.

Then there are my wonderful closest friends who support me – and also challenge me.
They make me laugh (and sometimes cry – often from laughing mind you). This is another part of your village which yes, does sometimes need a clean-out – for mutual benefit and respect. The best type of friends are those whom you can address issues with. They are willing to talk through problems, not ignore them until they fester and become ugly and dark.  They are not always the “yes” people, the ones that will always agree with you. These are the friends that will love and care for you no matter what and equally question and challenge you. If you have friends like these, you are blessed indeed.

The nuts and bolts of my village.
For me, having people who help make my life run like clockwork are vital – and making sure I appreciate them is also vital. I am not great at processes, yet I am mad keen on having them in place – and anyone who can make the Village of Janine not look like a post-apocalyptic mess is someone I am going to be very fond of. Don’t underestimate these wonderful people. It’s often easy to, because they don’t draw attention to themselves.

My personal Circle of Influence
The last part of my own little settlement is my Circle of Influence – my incredibly close advisers. Those who have my back, whom I trust implicitly. Who give me honest and open feedback. Who know my dreams and aspirations inside out. Who challenge and question me.  Who push me to become the best that I can be. Who add value to my thinking. Who teach me and guide me. Who will sometimes even be one step ahead of me in my thoughts. Who question what I am doing. Who push me regularly out of my comfort zone. Who always, always act in my best interests – as I do in theirs.

If you don’t feel that you have this last set of houses in your village, then it is time for more than a clean-out – it’s time for a re-evaluation of what you are doing with your personal and business goals as you step in to 2019. Because if that circle around you are simply saying ‘great idea’ and never saying ‘hang on a minute’ – then that’s not raising you.

That’s keeping you as a toddler. And you need to not only walk – you need to run.

When I was a child I played with childish things…

But now – well, now I run the whole damn town.

The town of me.

Do you?


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Referrals are not a Strategy
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