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I’m often asked about why I love keynote speaking.  Funnily enough, as a child, I loved performing and my teenage years saw me taking to musical theatre and amateur dramatics. Nothing thrilled me more than a microphone in hand, a much-rehearsed script and a song. 

Over the last few years, working with my mentor and speaking coach, Matt Church, my eyes have been opened to the craft of speaking. I understand that speakership is leadership, I appreciate the power of the spoken word, and I’ve learnt to respect the platform I am given.  

I see speaking as a gift to share thoughts, inspire thinking, influence change and unlock potential.  Whether it’s sharing the lessons from my own leadership journey to inspire others, building collaborative teams or unlocking the potential of networks, your leadership or your female talent, my approach is always one of being in service to my audience.  I inspire audiences to unleash their own brilliance and share it with others.  It’s always fun, full of energy and engaging with practical tools and tips leaving your audience motivated and ready to take action

I speak at large conferences, corporate events, off-sites and lunches all over the world.

Emma McDowell and the team at Saxton Speakers Bureau are my awesome partners in this space. If you are looking for a speaker as part of your 2020 planning, we’d love to chat.




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