March 20

How to Get More Done in Less Time with Donna McGeorge


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We can probably all agree that work has become relentless. People are overwhelmed and overworked, resulting in a kind of anti-work movement – think ‘act your wage’ or ‘quiet quitting’.

We try our hardest, achieve our best results, only to be asked to give 10% more. So is this year-on-year growth sustainable, or do we need to rethink how we work altogether?

Donna McGeorge, author and renowned productivity expert, has a few thoughts on how we can achieve success while still creating the capacity to live healthier lives. In her book The ChatGPT Revolution, she advocates for the power of AI in assisting us to simplify our everyday load in work and life.

In this episode, we talk about the pressing need to find space in our day, and how we can utilise new technologies to enhance how we live and work. Increasing our capacity in a fast-paced, often overwhelming world is not only crucial for our mental health, but the ability to think about, plan for and design our future.

So join us today and get inspired to embrace new, better ways of doing your work get more done in less time!


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