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Hear Me Roar

By January 30, 2014December 19th, 2016No Comments

keep-calm-i-am-only-a-super-woman‘I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire. ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar’ – Katy Perry

I appreciate that not everyone who reads my blog has school aged children. I equally appreciate that we are all juggling our own versions of life as we know it. I also have learnt to appreciate these last few weeks, that whilst I would like to think I would still look good wearing my undies on the outside with red, star spangled cape in tow, I am not Superwoman, Wonderwoman or in fact any permutation of a hero when it comes to some areas of my life. (Cue here my own cartoon style gasps of shock and horror – it isn’t easy facing up to the fact that you’re ‘just’ human. And possibly have more cellulite than you imagined).

For the record, I have absolutely loved the school holidays, kicking back with the children and my family, waiting for Santa to spoil me rotten and then enjoying long days of sun, beach, sun, beach and more sun.


As many of you know I also love my work and 2014 is the year of big plans and thinking even bigger. I have been eager to get going for a few weeks now, to put the endless scribbled notes, brain popping ideas and new projects into action. I have rested, rejuvenated, inspired and have my Circle of Excellence ready to push me. I even completed the first draft of my e-book (watch this space!)

So what is the problem?

The desire to achieve has been there bursting at the seams – but the available time has not. The endless juggle of school holidays, play dates, shopping for stationery to please three very different tastes (which in itself should be questioned in terms of the effect on the environment – and my patience) and then the “please make sure you wear your new school shoes for a good couple of weeks before starting school” at home debate – I began to wish for my star spangled cape.

So I could stuff it into my mouth and nobody could hear my screams.

It’s been a lot of fun but I am prepared to admit it – I am glad to be getting back into the school routine and also having some time for me, even if that time is work time. Because for me, work time is in a way rest time. It’s how I relax my brain. It IS the area of me in which I am Superwoman – it’s the area of me that functions smoothly because I am lucky enough to have both a natural bent towards what I do and an amazing support network. But I have learnt a big lesson this holidays. To accept the situation, to realise that I don’t have to be a superhero in every area of my life and make it work the best way I can. To understand that I can actually mess things up occasionally and also to know that sitting on a beach with my kids running around is not the worst place in the world to be – in fact it can be the best, if I allow myself to switch off for a while.

I have a new found appreciation for the choices I have made. My time is my own. My business is my own. My work is my own. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

And now?

It’s back into the phone booth (well, the office). I am really excited to be unfolding that red cape, strapping on those knee high boots and quite simply going for it.

After I get back from meeting my youngest son’s new teacher.

And finding the new school shoes. Which seem to have mysteriously disappeared, along with my best cape…

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