September 23

Eye on the Moon



Why you need to pay attention on where you focus?

A rocket to the moon with no plotted course will just go around and around in orbit, but a rocket with a plan and a program behind it, which takes into account the prevailing conditions and the mechanics of the mission, will be set to hit its target.

In much the same way, keeping your eye on the prize is key to maintaining focus. You have to regularly check in on your plan, ask yourself how you’re progressing and make the moves needed to ensure you’re continually heading in the right direction. Attention to your plan drives sustained motivation.

But we often get distracted with all the external forces fighting every nanosecond of our attention and we distract ourselves, putting things off, placing our ‘somedays’ and ‘tomorrows’ on the ‘once-we-have-achieved-XYZ’ list.

Putting things off isn’t keeping your eye on the prize; it’s orbiting the moon!

This is lost focus and you risk ending up in the waiting room with all the other coulda, shoulda, wouldas.

Staying in the action zone takes determination, resilience, a hunger, and a belief that what you’re doing—whether in a corporate organisation or on your own—means something to you.

How are you choosing to move through life?

Are you controlling life, or is life controlling you? 

You have to take ownership of your plan, your direction, your ultimate journey, your focus.

Ask yourself:

  • Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • Why am I really doing what I’m doing?
  • How are things different because of what I’m doing?
  • What is the impact I want to make?

Until next week.




P.S I’m launching my new Be Brilliant Advantage program on 28th September.  Over 7 weeks we will work together to unlock your growth, accelerate your impact and drive those sales.  Together we will get focused on the plan to create momentum for you.  If you want to find out more reply with “ADVANTAGE” and I’ll forward you the details.


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