May 8

Ditch the Desperation and Recognise Your Worth


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You are not desperate – you are a hot commodity. But are you struggling to see, and therefore price, yourself accordingly?

I’ve been having so many conversations with clients over the last couple of weeks who, as a result of current market conditions and economic challenges they’re witnessing, are starting to get desperate in how they propose to work with their clients.

Today, we’re talking about self-worth and the crucial choice we all face: ditching the desperation and recognising your true worth. We’ll discuss:

– Owning Your Value

– Embracing Service

– Avoiding Short-Term Fixes

– Focusing on Building Trust

Remember, you are absolutely a hot commodity, and you need to own that. You need to own what it is that you do, the outcome that you can create for your clients and you to step into that power. Your clients want to work with the person that is the best for their business – and why shouldn’t it be you?


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