September 6

THIS is NOT a Business Strategy

Couple a great product with great service and soon you would be renowned as the go-to person in your area. There was a time when becoming successful in business was fairly simple. 

Couple a great product with great service and soon you would be renowned as the go-to person in your area. 

Word of mouth was extremely important with large portions of revenue coming from referrals from current or repeat clients. 

And, unfortunately, for many people who built their business when this was the way to become successful don’t know how to do things differently. Maybe you fell into this model of business by accident, maybe unknowingly this became your strategy when referrals were rolling in by the dozen. But simply relying on referrals for 100% of your business isn’t a strategy, not anymore.

So, what should you be doing instead? 

Well firstly, rather than serving whoever walks through the door you need to get really clear on who your A-Grade client is. Who do you love working with and who loves working with you. 

The next step is to neaten up your offer. Now that you know who you will be working with you need an offer that speaks directly to the key problems that they face. This may mean reducing your product offering. And despite what we might believe, having more products isn’t better as it leads to choice fatigue for your clients. 

And what’s happening in the background while you are walking on these two steps? You are dialling in your positioning. When you show up and become the expert in your field the question about price disappears, you stop competing on the lowest price and you start leveraging your years of experience.

Sound simple? It can be, if you know exactly what you need to focus on and execute on a solid strategy. If you feel like you are ready to find your focus, stop relying on the whims of the market and take my focus finder quiz that will help you find the opportunities that exist in your business right now. Take the quiz here. 

(Or if you are ready to take the leap and get the support and accountability required to elevate your business, book a call here) 

Because cashflow doesn’t need to rely on word of mouth and referrals, it can be predictable and consistently growing. You just need the right strategy. 

What are you going to take action on first?

Janine X 


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Referrals are not a Strategy

Referrals are not a Strategy
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