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How to get people lining up to do business with you

When Stephen Covey said ‘begin with the end in mind’, he was creating a blueprint. These principles take it to a finished product.

Before Daniel Priestley
was 25 he’d cofounded a multimillion-dollar business; since then he’s made a name globally and shared his knowhow in the bestsellers Become a Key Person of Influence and Entrepreneur Revolution.

First, he says, start with blocking out your time for holidays, relationships – the things you’re working hard for – then plan a series of campaigns according to what sales and customers you need to enable this life.

Priestley uses examples like Jamie Oliver as someone who has created an ecosystem that creates value, and doesn’t depend on any one person, product, service or system.

Powerful stuff.

Daniel Priestley, Wiley 2015, $26.95

key performanceKey Performance

Indicators for dummies

KPIs provide a means for small businesses to compete with big, well-off companies. By tailoring KPIs to what’s important and using measurement to provide an objective snapshot, you can gain a head start on driving performance.

Make sure you measure what matters, though. Your KPIs should match your unique strategic objectives.

Whereas KPIs have traditionally been financial, Marr emphasises a balanced scorecard with three other perspectives that drive financial growth: the customer’s perspective, the internal processes necessary to deliver the customer objectives, and the intangibles from the employee’s point of view.

Bernard Marr is one of today’s leading business brains, according to CEO Journal. He’s a UK bestselling author on organisational performance and business success, who advises worldwide.

Bernard Marr, Wiley 2015, $41.95

googleWin a game of Googleopoly

Unlocking the secret strategy of search engines

This is the first book to focus on Google, which dwarfs other search engines to the tune of 66%. So it makes sense to figure out how it works.

You’re either visible or invisible, says author Sean Bradley, an automotive-industry internet sales specialist and consultant-trainer to major-label recording artists and professional athletes. His wife Katrina became a pop star in under three years through their digital marketing strategy.

Getting your SEO right is crucial, first with your website then with everything else: social media, video, microsites, blogs, mobile, audio and media releases.

What stands out is the nitty-gritty: Bradley has the data to explain in detail what to prioritise. Chapters map out strategies for each channel to get you to page one.

Sean V Bradley, Wiley 2015, $31.95


the power of niceThe power of nice

How to negotiate so everyone wins – especially you!

How do you get what you want without burning bridges, but building relationships? Like any art, there are tools to fast-track your success rate without learning the hard way.

Ron Shapiro is a negotiations expert, sports agent, New York Times bestselling author, attorney, business leader and educator with big-league experience in sport, law, business and politics.

In this updated edition of the classic he shares his system of the Three Ps – Prepare-Probe-Propose – for effective negotiation, and backs it up with anecdotes and exercises in each chapter. Shapiro explores strategies for dealing with difficult negotiators, negotiating from weakness, unlocking deadlocks and building relationships. His negotiator’s toolbox includes a useful preparation checklist as well as a one-page summary.

A good read plus great techniques.

Ronald M Shapiro, Wiley 2015, $35.95


me to weFrom Me to We

Why collaboration will future-proof business, leaders and personal success

Collaboration is key today – for fertilising innovation and invention as well as the bottom line. Some factors driving it are the increasing influence of women, the overload of information and the need to continuously evolve professionally.

Janine Garner is the Founder and CEO of LBDGroup (Little Black Dress Group), a collaborative community.

In this handbook for change, Garner’s seven ‘ReConnect Principles’ spell out ways to accomplish change by being brave, creating a diverse network, being open, disrupting, exchanging value, thinking bigger and sponsoring others.

We must move from inward self-actualisation to an outward-facing perspective for creative collaboration.

Janine Garner, Wrightbooks/Wiley 2015, $29.95


financeEntrepreneurial finance

Fundamentals of financial planning and management for small business

The spotlight here is on all aspects of a successful small business. Organised as a MBA textbook, this is also a reference for entrepreneurs and small-business owners themselves. MJ Alhabeeb is Professor of Consumer Economics & Finance at the University of Massachusetts.

Four parts begin with chapters on starting up and set-ups including franchising and family businesses. Organisation includes structure and writing a successful business plan. Finance and valuation takes in all aspects of capital as well as profit, inventory and valuation. Management and control is so thorough it takes in everything from staffing to car parking, budgeting to marketing and human resources.

Packed with information and case studies, this is a clear and concise reference – a complete learning package.

MJ Alhabeeb, Wiley 2015, $165.95

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