September 29

Be Brilliant: How to Lead A Life of Influence


There is no reason why we all cannot be brilliant. This is precisely what this book sets out to illustrate. Garner helps you to unlock your true potential.

The global thought leader on powerful networking, collaboration and transformational leadership says it’s about “connection, collaboration and leadership that matter”. There’s also the capacity for teams to achieve the extraordinary if they are given the tools, training and backing they need to elevate their performance.

At a time when we suffer from ‘unprecedented stress, comparison-itis and self-doubt’, Garner asks us to slow down and turn our focus inward. She challenges you to take ownership of not only who you are, but also who you want to become, to rise above limitations and unleash the brilliance within.

Learn the four Laws of Brilliance and explore how to: discover and own your spotlight, harness your natural energy, connect and collaborate with intent and enhance and magnify your influence. Let’s face it, we don’t feel intelligent all the time.

“It’s why I am obsessed with working with leaders and companies to unlock brilliant performance. Through true collaboration, strategic networking and leadership acceleration workshops and programs, I know what it takes to unlock the brilliance in your teams and leaders.”

“I know when you bring brilliant people together that the results are extraordinary. I am passionate about you leveraging the amazing talent you already have. This is where I can help.”

Garner is keen to assist with consistently achieving high performance. The idea is to work with ambitious leaders, thus helping to reclaim and reignite their influence. Both satisfaction and results will skyrocket.


Source : PS News

Issued : September 28, 2020


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