November 8

Attach emotion to your message


EmotionIn a recent episode of my podcast, I had a chance to talk to the brilliant James Cooper.

Now, James is a corporate filmmaker and documentarian. And he specialises in helping businesses create films that allow them to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

And during our conversation, he revealed to me that he used to record commercials to watch over and over. 


Because the best commercials do something that we all need to do when creating our marketing messages:

They connect emotion to the message.

In fact, take a minute to think about some of the most memorable commercials you’ve ever seen. 

Every single one of those commercials made you feel something. Right?

Some of them made you laugh, creating a feeling of joy whenever you saw them.

Others may have made you feel sad, perhaps leaving you on the verge of tears because of how impactful their message was.

The key is that they all moved you… 

And that wasn’t an accident!

You see, businesses inject emotion into their commercials because they know that the product itself isn’t the most important part of their message. 

Rather, it’s how they can connect what they do to how their customers feel.

Apple is the master at this.

Their commercials stick in your memory because they make you feel like you’re hip, cool, and happy just by watching them. 

They use emotion to sell their products. And that’s exactly what you need to do!

Emotion is what really moves people.

Now, your emotion can come from the stories you have to tell… 

From the experiences you and your clients have had…

Or even from others’ messages that you have to share.

So long as your audience can relate to the stories you’re telling, they’ll feel something when they see your marketing message.

Remember, those emotions are the building blocks of trust and connection. 

And ultimately, they’re what will lead to somebody buying from you.

If you need help unlocking the emotion in your messaging, schedule your Call to Clarity with me today and we’ll get to work.

Speak soon, 

Janine x


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