April 17

Are You On Autopilot or On Purpose?


Are you on autopilot?

No really, are you?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of conformity without even noticing. I’ve been there myself. There were times in my corporate journey when I realised I was just doing what was expected of me and following the cookie-cutter approach to business. This may be an easy path, but it isn’t one that leads to success. To reach our full potential we need to embrace ourselves and live authentically.

 My journey to courage:
In this episode, I share my corporate journey and the moments where I found myself unintentionally conforming to societal or industry norms. Trying to project this perfect version of myself hindered my ability to form genuine connections. I’ve now learned that courage can be found by ignoring what I “should be doing” and instead being authentic to my true, flawed self.

This lesson rang especially true for me at a keynote speech I delivered some time ago. I had written a script but at the last minute, I decided to talk about something completely different. It was terrifying but I wanted to share something more genuine, and in the end, it paid off. By being open with myself and my struggles, I connected with the audience on a deeper level than I could have hoped for.

 The Importance of Authenticity in Business:
Building this courage is more important than ever because people’s trust in businesses, governments, and basically any institution is decreasing year on year. The only way to cut through this is to be open and authentic, so customers can connect with the real you. It’s also a crucial step in empowering your employees. I share an example of this with the story of Jim Donald, a CEO who turned around a struggling business by leading with courage.

I want you to consider what courageous step you can take towards purposefully building the business of your dreams. Reflect on yourself and find the areas you are stuck on autopilot. Identify how this is holding you back from authenticity and figure out what changes you can make to align your actions with your goals and values. I also challenge you to share this process so that you can connect with and inspire others to do the same!

Until next time, keep shining bright!



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