September 6

Don’t Go At It alone

Don’t Go At It AloneToday, I want to talk about a concept in business that often gets romanticised.

It’s the idea that business owners do everything on their own

They’re the lone wolves who’ve scraped and clawed to build businesses from nothing… 

They didn’t have any help… 

Rather, they didn’t need any help!

Instead, they succeeded based on their own ingenuity and hard work.

It’s an attractive concept to get wrapped up in, right?

After all, it’s normal for business owners to (rightfully) take a lot of pride in what they do. And if you can say you did it all on your own, you get to feel even more awesome about your accomplishments.

But there’s a problem with this idea of going it alone… 

It slows you down!

When it’s so important for you to do everything on your own, guess what?

You close yourself off to learning from people who can help you grow… 

You put yourself in a position where you have to make mistakes constantly to learn what works and what doesn’t… 

And ultimately…

You cultivate a business that grows at a slower pace than it should!

The fact is that the most successful business owners don’t succeed on their own.

They get help from everywhere… 

They learn from mentors and coaches… 

They get support from their families and friends… 

And they build their businesses with the help of the people that they hire!

So, my message to you is a simple one:

Don’t go at it alone.

The community you build around your business is one of the keys to accelerating your growth. 

The people you work with will offer support and give you guidance. 

They’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes that slow your growth down. 

And more importantly, they’ll hold you accountable.

As my client, Kara, pointed out when she talked about working with me:

“You’re my biggest backer. So, if I’m ever trying to be lazy or get away with something or shortcut it, you’re the first to kick me on the a** and say, ‘Now what about x, y, and z?’”

You should be inspired by the business you are building!

After all, you’ve worked hard to build it into what it is.

But don’t let pride suck you into the trap of trying to do everything on your own.

Get support. 

Book a Call to Clarity with me today.


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Referrals are not a Strategy
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