May 29

4 Questions You Should Ask to Elevate Your Leadership


As a leader, how many times have you found yourself overwhelmed, spinning in circles and unsure of the right direction to take?

In a world that pushes us to succeed, get ahead and do more, it can become impossible at times to see the forest for the trees. We become so engrossed with the details of the individual tasks at hand or the problems we’re trying to solve that we lose sight of the overall purpose of the venture.

It’s in these moments we need to step back and assess what aspects we might be overlooking in order to gain clarity on the bigger picture. Today, I’m sharing with you four key questions you can ask yourself to elevate your leadership and gain critical insights on the overall health of your business:

1. What am I not paying attention to right now?

2. What could really be going on here?

3. What are the people around me really worrying about?

4. What are people not saying that needs to be said?

We’ll explore each of these questions and the powerful impact they can have on your perspective in business.

I encourage you to give it a go this week – ask yourself these crucial questions so that you can better understand yourself, your business and those you work with. And remember, embracing moments of stillness and introspection can foster clarity, innovation and a stronger connection with your business vision.

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