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You are the KEY to your success

By June 12, 2022No Comments

I’m looking for 5 female business owners, consultants or coaches that are ready to do the work to take their business to the next level. (3)“…accept who I am and be pretty gently and forgiving with myself”, these words were spoken by Ray Pittman, a c-suite leader in the property industry.

And more importantly they were in response to the question of what he had learned about himself over his career. 

It wasn’t about how you don’t need 8 hours of sleep to function. 

Or how you need to grind for every opportunity you get. 

How luck doesn’t exist, only hard work does. 

It didn’t look like any of the stereotypical hustle life nonsense you see on almost every business page on social media these days. 

It was entirely about embracing himself, who he was, his strengths and how those added value.

These sentiments have been echoed by countless other successful humans, from Steve Jobs to UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden. 

And this is also why I don’t believe in faking it ‘til you make it. 

If you are being inauthentic to yourself and aren’t truly following a path that makes you smile when you think about the future, then you are doomed to have a business that feels like shackles rather than freedom. 

Additionally if you aren’t embracing yourself and are changing who you are depending on the scenario, the people around you will begin to notice. 

Your message will lose its integrity and the people that you want to impact will start to leave as they don’t trust who you are anymore. 

Your messaging, your legacy, it all gets muddied if you don’t know who you are and who you are striving to be.  

So who are you?

Your character is what makes you, you. It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else. It’s your personal currency, your strength, your uniqueness and your opportunity all wrapped up in one amazing package.

And that is where your business will succeed. 

By embracing who you are. 


How can you teach, guide, mentor and lead others if you aren’t being the best version of yourself?

How can you give to others when you’re not giving to yourself?

You are the strategy.

You are the key to change.

You are the key to your success. 

Janine x

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