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Ep 145 – How to Communicate under Pressure with Leah Mether

Leah Mether is a communication specialist who helps make the people part of leadership and work-life easier through the development of “soft skills” (which are really hard).

Known for her practical, straight-shooting style, Leah works with leaders and teams across Australia, teaching them how to communicate under pressure, manage conflict, build relationships of influence, and lead courageously through change.

Her work is based on the belief that soft skills get hard results and no-one is a perfect communicator, everyone can improve.

Leah’s first book Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure was pubished in 2019 and was a finalist in the Australian Career Book of the Year Awards in 2020.

Her second book Steer Through the Storm: How to Communicate and Lead Courageously Through Change is due for publication in July 2023.

To find out more about Leah’s work, access her free resources, and learn how she can help support your leaders and teams through her transformational programs, training workshops and keynote speeches, visit

You can also watch Leah’s weekly “Ask Leah” videos where she answers your communication questions on her YouTube channel, or connect with her on social media at:



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