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Ep 133 – Level Up – How Managers Learn to do Less & Be More I Maree Burgess

In today’s episode, I am having a conversation with the incredible Maree Burgess, Maree’s work is all about supporting leaders and teams to fundamentally create cultures that people want to be part of, but also cultures, where there are individuals, who are performing at their best and where the teams are performing at their best. She spent the last 30 years working with numerous leaders and teams and organisations across Australia. Ultimately helping them communicate more effectively to get the results that they’re looking for, but she’s not always been in this line of work. And you’ll hear a little bit about this in today’s conversation. 

She started life as a registered nurse, working at a major trauma hospital in Melbourne, and she shares that that career began pretty much because it was expected that as a daughter in her family, somebody should go into nursing, but she shares how she moved from nursing into a role in banking.

However, over the next 17 years, she learnt a lot about behaviour and decided to build expertise in the area of behavioural consultant, equipping herself with the resolve and the knowledge to connect and inspire any mix of people. 

Now she’s one of Australia’s leading coaches. She is passionate about lifelong learning and she’s constantly developing expertise in her area of obsession. And that obsession really is about the potential that exists in everybody.  

Maree is also the author of multiple books and what I love about her latest book “Level Up – How Managers Learn to do Less and Be More” is all of the frameworks and tools and discussions that she shares here. Her argument is that you need to learn to lead at the right level, and you need to actually level up your own leadership. And we also talk about how you can become a memorable manager, someone that people remember, someone that people talk about in the future, about the impact that you have had on their career and their life decisions. 

Enjoy this latest episode of Unleashing Brilliance. 


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