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Ep 119 – Great Handbag – don’t forget your Briefcase with Antoinette Colbran

A combination of fortune, luck and what makes you as a person is a very thing that sets you apart.Wise words from my latest guest Antoinette Colbran.

Antoinette led the idyllic life of a wealthy Sydney family. Life was wonderful – multiple homes, cars, boats and overseas holidays.  Kids in private school and no cares in the world as a result of her husband building a successful business.

But then her world was turned upside down due to a sudden change in the law in the industry their family business was involved in.  Overnight the life they had enjoyed fell away and suddenly they had to sell up, find cash and lost everything.

So what happens when you hit rock bottom?
How do you rebuild your life?
Somehow Antoinette found the resilience to rebuild –  it was about:
-Being brave enough to face the reality
-Being brave enough to work out the options with that she had
-Being brave enough to reach out and ask for help
-Being brave enough to take one step forward every day
-Being brave enough to realise it was up to me

She now runs her own business, Benchmark Experts providing expert witnesses in the medical, engineering and work health and safety space to law firms.  She has run this business for over 20 years.
Antoinette is a speaker and has also published the book, “Great Handbag – don’t forget your Briefcase” – a book she wrote as a cathartic measure to help with the shock and the pain endured when things changed so rapidly for her and her family.

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