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Ep 096 – Doing The Impossible w: Jen Brown

Doing The Impossible w/ Jen Brown

Jen Brown knows a thing or two about helping unlock belief and possibility. She was a Corporate Lawyer treading the floorboards of organisations and now is an Endurance Sports Coach.  She has a unique ability to understand the intricacies of what individuals and teams hope to achieve, the motivation underlying their goals, the roadblocks and challenges they might face, and then helping them achieve it.
specialises in helping emerging leaders recognise their full potential, and then unleash it to create transformational changes in their team, organisation and life.

Jen is the Founder of Sparta Chicks, an online community and coaching business that supports women who participate in endurance sports and outdoor adventures, by sharing experiences, honest conversations and practical tools.

She also hosts the popular podcast ‘Sparta Chicks Radio’ which was launched in 2017 and which has been downloaded almost 300,000 times. The podcast explores how you find the courage and bravery to chase dreams by sharing practical, tried-and-tested-in-the-real-world advice from professional athletes, successful businesswomen as well as everyday women chasing their goals and dreams.

In her spare time, Jen is a trail runner, ocean swimmer and coffee lover and in this podcast she challenges us to:

-List 50 things that you have done that you once thought were impossible
-Choose our response to fear and self doubt
-Surround yourself with the right success crew.

You can find Jen at


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