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Ep 036 – Conversations with Paula Kensington FCCA II The Award Winning CFO

In her words Paula Kensington is “a CFO on a mission to empower others to unlock their potential, confidence and belief in their ability to succeed”.

Impact is Paula’s reason for living. In everything that she does, her primary driver is ‘what impact am I having on others, how can I help others to become successful and can I leave people feeling better about themselves, having belief that they can achieve more.”

Having spent 20 years in corporate roles in Australia and UK, she has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Through her courage, grit and determination for a better work place, Paula continues to call out standards that are not acceptable without being fearful of the outcome. She is an authentic, heart driven finance leader who balances the big picture strategy and thinking with realism for treating everyone with respect. She says ‘I strongly believe that when we align big picture strategy with individual performance, this heart mind connection is what brings out the best in people.’

High five to that Paula! Our conversation included creating workplaces that are places of joy, the need to develop a strategy of you and how learning all the time are key elements of unleashing your own inner brilliance.

Grab a cuppa, download and listen in.

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