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I Will Not Tolerate This

By February 9, 2024No Comments

I'm not tolerating this anymoreThere comes a point in life where you have to say enough is enough, I’m not tolerating this anymore. In fact, there are usually several points in life where this occurs. Some of them are more obvious than others. For example, when I decided I was no longer going to tolerate corporate bullying and left my career to pursue my business, or when I decided I was no longer going to tolerate watching my kids grow up with a mother that couldn’t show up for them and decided to prioritise my family in everything that I did and build a business to support this. 

These things became non-negotiable in my life.

Over the holidays, reflecting on the last 13 years of running our business, I realised that my non-negotiables have got clearer and clearer concerning the way I conduct myself, and my business. Have a read through my top 5 below and think about the things you are currently tolerating in your life. 

What new non-negotiables do you need to put in place to make drastic changes in your world this year? 

  1. Valuing my worth. I’ve realised over my years in business that nobody wins when I undervalue myself. Why? Because when I discount my prices or lower my rates to suit a budget that may or may not exist I lose that spark that makes my work so impactful, and I’ve heard from others that undercharging for their time and skills often leads to them resenting clients down the line. Once we get to this place, the client is no longer getting us at our best. It’s a lose-lose situation. That’s why in every situation, no matter how scary it might feel, or how likely you think a client is to say “no”, I always charge my worth and let my brilliance come through in the end product. Another facet of this is investing in myself and growing my worth so that I bring more value to the table every time. I’m already committed to a knowledge and network-building trip to New York later this year for this very reason. How much time do you spend investing in yourself and learning your worth?

  2. No excuses. How easy is it to stay in the realm of comfort and say “oh I’ll just get to it in 6 months when I have more time.” The truth is you will never have more time left on this earth than what you do right now. Making excuses is not even on the table for me with this non-negotiable. If I commit to something, I’m seeing it through from day 1 until it’s finished. It comes from a place of being prepared to do the work and this is not only a non-negotiable for me, but also with those I spend my time with. I want to be surrounded by people who are making waves, the people who put their head down and do the work because they can see the impact they will have when they do. Is this the kind of person you see yourself being in your future? Then you need to cut the excuses and put in the work.

  3. Collaboration. If I have the opportunity to work with someone in a way that benefits them I will. I believe we are stronger together and aim to foster a community of collaboration through my Elevate and Inner Circle program and in my personal relationships as well. We rise by lifting others and that’s why I have made collaboration a focus in my life. Because going it alone is not something I tolerate anymore.

  4. Work smarter. This might seem counterintuitive considering I mentioned putting in the work above. But doing the work doesn’t mean making things difficult for yourself. If there is a smarter way to do it, whether that’s from learning from someone else, or simply thinking outside the box, that’s what I want to welcome into my life. Taking the time to make a plan and map out the road ahead is a non-negotiable for me, and it is something my team and I travel every quarter to do together for my business.

  5. Fun. If something does not spark that sense of fun and adventure within me then I need to consider if it’s something I want to pursue. This includes client relationships, work projects like new speaking opportunities or writing a book, and even personal commitments must pass the fun test. I want to be surrounded by people who are genuinely enjoying what they do, and I want to be one of those people too. That doesn’t mean every second is fun and games, but it does mean I’m creating a life that I actually enjoy living and doesn’t just look good on paper. 

Now that I’ve given you a deep dive into how my non-negotiables work, I want to hear about yours. It doesn’t have to be five just yet, start with one. What is one thing that you are going to create a standard for everything in your life, including yourself? 

Once you have these non-negotiables set, it makes choosing aligned opportunities much easier. You gain a sense of clarity and it helps you define your sense of self as well. 

So it’s worth asking the question, who do you really want to be?  

Janine x

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