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How To Weather The Storm of Business Uncertainty

By August 8, 2023No Comments

How To Weather The StormIn some of my recent articles, I spoke about how there is a storm brewing in the business world. With dark uncertain clouds on the horizon some people are watching and waiting to see what happens before they make their move. 

But what happens when everything goes silent is that it leaves room for misinformation to spread. For the voices of the pessimists and the self-doubt to creep in. You may already know people who have sold or closed businesses because of the fear of what is to come. Maybe you’ve even had some clients do this. 

But as we’ve seen before, economic downturn doesn’t mean the end for businesses. Many of you may have already experienced the possibility for growth this brings as recently as the 2020 lockdowns. You are experienced, you know how to handle this situation, you’ve seen it before. 

But maybe your clients haven’t. Maybe they are really looking for someone to guide them through this storm. 

So right now I am asking you to be brave and to be loud. Step up on your soapbox and be a voice of reason in a sea of pessimists and self-doubt. Be the person you needed to hear the first time you faced hard times like this. Be the person you wish you had right now. Be the person that your clients need you to be. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, simply start by sharing what you are seeing in your world and what you are doing to help. It might be scary, it might be unfamiliar but I can guarantee it is needed right now. 

To practice what I preach I am holding a 1hr free access session this Friday to talk with my community. Many are struggling with their marketing and content calendar. Their messaging isn’t leading to enquiries and they aren’t securing leads. So that is exactly what we will be talking about in this session. I’m going to share exactly what I do and each person will walk away with a fleshed-out 30-day promotional calendar of their own so that they can fix the problems they are facing immediately. (If you want to get up on your soapbox but aren’t sure where to start feel free to join this session by registering here)

What expertise can you share with your audience that is going to have the greatest impact right now?

Where can you show up that your voice is going to be heard the loudest? 

I heard a story recently while on retreat with my Inner Circle clients where we learned about a reforestation done by the team at Brookies Gin at the Cape Byron Distillery within 30 years. What was learned was that as the canopy grew it created a place of safety and shelter for the seeds below to flourish in the harsh and stormy weather. 

How can you play this role of the canopy? How can you support your clients to grow in a way that feels safe right now? How can you share that this is what you do?

If nothing else, I want you to raise your voice. I want you to drown out the fear and panic and provide your community with comfort. Because your expertise, your ability to create impact? 

It’s needed the most right now. 

Janine x

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