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How To Thrive In Uncertainty

By July 14, 2023August 8th, 2023No Comments

How to Thrive in UncertaintyQuestioning how to thrive in business uncertainty is real right now. And you aren’t alone. Recently I’ve been hearing this from a lot of my clients, close friends, and other business owners. 

And recently I was chatting to one of my team members about this (before she headed off on her own holiday) and the conclusion we came to was this…

That over the past two years we’ve been pushed into a new threshold of discomfort. 

Prior to 2020, most of us existed in a space where our level of discomfort very rarely was pushed to a level beyond what was needed to learn and grow over the year. 

We dealt with one problem at a time, and could exist quite contentedly with these little issues popping up now and then. 

How many of you can even remember what you considered a big problem prior to covid and lockdowns and other issues? 

Then throw the fear-mongering by the media into the mix and you have a lot of people being made very uncomfortable. 

When we operate at this level of discomfort it places us under a lot of stress. Prolonged stress has been shown to have negative effects on the body ranging from emotional and hormonal regulation to inflammation. Prolonged stress also sends us hurtling towards burn out which is something none of us want. 

So what can we do to better perform in times of uncertainty and stress? Because it seems like these external stressors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

There are two key things you need to thrive in times of uncertainty.

  1. You need to learn to let go. When we are faced with stressful situations we often face much more resistance and struggle when we try to force control upon a situation where we don’t have control. The more we can go with the flow and let external factors only impact one or two aspects of our life we are able to approach new situations with much more ease.

  2. You need a solid support network. When times get stressful you will notice two types of people on your network. Those that cheer for you, the ones who provide support, and lead you through those stressful situations. Then you will notice those that revel in your misery. The ones that try to push you lower, or seem content in your misfortune. We want to keep the first type of people and limit contact with the latter. Your network plays a key role in your success all throughout your life but they become increasingly important in times of uncertainty. If you want to learn more about how to build your network so that you are prepared for any situation drop me a message.

What has been helping you move forward across the past two years? And do you thrive in uncertainty or do you struggle to let go of control?

Janine x

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