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How hungry are you really?

By December 7, 2023No Comments

Let me be a doting mother for a second and mention how incredibly proud I am of my son Carter. 

I know I’ve told stories about my children many times but some of you may not have heard of Carter before. He’s my youngest and right now I am incredibly proud of the person he is becoming. 

Since Carter could walk he’s wanted to be out on the rugby field. Maybe it’s in part to be carried along to his older brother’s games every weekend, even before he could walk. 

He’s played at every chance he got, whether that was for school or for club, or even representing his district. He’s had a passion for getting better each and every session and one day dreams of being a Wallaby. But there are lots of twists and turns on the path towards achieving big dreams and that’s what he faced recently. 

Carter was chosen to go to trials for the Sydney team, a big step in his rugby journey. There was one problem though. It coincided with his school’s rugby tour to Fiji. There is where the question comes in, how hungry are you for your goals? 

We let Carter make the decision and he decided to fly back early from Fiji by himself to go compete in the trials in Sydney. That is a pretty scary thing to do as a teenager, to get on an international flight by yourself. Although he didn’t make the team this time around he did play some great games that were all at a high-level and pushed him to perform at his best. He learned new skills, made new friends, and even more if stoked the fire he had in his belly. He’s now even more motivated to reach his dreams and set goals. 

Being the business mentor that I am, I couldn’t help but think about how this skill, this hunger, applies in our businesses. Well it’s the difference between the people who do and the people who don’t. 

Have you ever done everything right and still not made progress? You’ve made the plans, mapped out a strategy, and then you waited for the right moment… and you waited… and waited… until 4 years later you’ve made no progress on those plans. It happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but for 99% of us when we set goals we are missing that fire, that drive to really go after them. 

So what does it look like to be that 1% with drive? 

It means choosing to take risks and understanding the consequences. Like with Carter not making the team even though he faced his fears to show up at the trails and give it his all. 

It means choosing to zag when others zig. Carter could easily have decided that doing both was too hard and chosen to only do one, and he wouldn’t have gained the same amount of experience. 

It means investing the time that’s needed without fuss or complaint. I can tell you I have spent years of weekend on the edge of rugby fields watching as Carter grew with the sport. 

It means seeking out chances to improve and choosing to become better every day. After decades in corporate or in business it can be easy to feel like we know it all and stop striving to become better. This is a trap that leads us to getting stuck, because if we don’t change then our results won’t change either. 

So now I want you to think of the goal you have in mind for the next 6 months. How hungry are you to achieve this goal? 

How hungry are you really

Because if you don’t have that drive, that hunger, that passion, then your goal you have set may be unachievable to you. 

If you are unsure of what goal puts that fire in your belly and makes you feel brave enough to face your biggest fears then why not book a call to chat with me about your business and the opportunities that exist in your world right now? 

Because there is nothing more satisfying than chasing your dream goals and watching them become your dream reality right before your very eyes. 

Janine x

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